More on quotas

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Wed Mar 28 16:48:21 GMT 2001

Jim McDonough wrote:
> Jeremy Allison wrote,
> >At what point in the above sequence does it issue the zero
> >byte write ? Is that the "set the new file size" call you
> >mean, or is it before or after that ? This is important,
> >as I can easily catch this zero size write and cause the
> >real filesize to be extended - although there's an inherent
> >race condition w.r.t. other apps extending the file at the
> >same time.
> Ok, I'll summarize less this time.  NT doesn't issue this zero byte write
> to a samba server, presumably because some previous request failed (a
> transact2 query file info failed because of unsupported level 0x109.  The
> following summary is from an NT client to a 2k server:

Ok - 0x109 is SMB_QUERY_FILE_STREAM_INFO. Can you send me the
.cap file, or the tcpdump output showing this from a NT client
to W2K server ? Most files have no stream info so it should be
easy to add this one.



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