linux (but not samba) quotas

Jim McDonough jmcd at
Wed Mar 28 16:24:33 GMT 2001

>Quotas on the filesystem should either be on, or be off.  Period.  If your
>local filesystem quotas are on, then your samba installation should use
>"--with-quotas".  Repeat period.

a few lines later...

>Now if you choose to have quotas on at the UNIX/filesystem level, but then
>you also choose, inconsistently, to configure your samba to ignore your
>own earlier choice, then this (I humbly submit!) would seem to be your
>problem, not Samba's.  (Insert smiley face.)
>It seems that your configuration choices are inherently inconsistent.
While I happen to agree with this point (this is not my problem, but a that
of a customer of ours), try telling a paranoid business to configure their
system with an option that reads:
"--with-quotas     Include experimental disk-quota support".
That word "experimental" doesn't sit well with a lot of folks.  If it so
safe, why is the word "experimental" still in there? And how safe is it on

>Have I mis-understood?  My apologies if I have.
Nope, you've understood perfectly.  No apology necessary.

I gave plenty of warning in my original post that this was not a "right" or
"correct" situation...but we have to deal with those all the time.

Anyhoo, that is the reason for the post.  I'm happy to see interest and
discussion, and if the quota support is good and safe to use, perhaps this
will get the option listed as "Include disk-quota support", at which point
I can very easily tell my customer that they need to enable it...

But here's another twist....put the single file copy aside.  If I have an
NT server with 15 megs free on a shared folder, and I initiate a 10 meg
copy, it will start to process.  While the copy is proceeding, I start
another 10 meg copy on the same share.  No quotas involved, just pure disk
space.  The NT server will fail the second copy because of lack of space.
The samba server will allow the copy to proceed until space is exhausted.
You are then left with one (or two) files which are incomplete, and the
file size reported by ls is not the same as the contents.  How should samba
deal with this?  If quota support is enabled, but no quota limits are hit
by the copy, what happens?


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