how to get list of user groups from NT?

Tim Potter tpot at
Wed Mar 28 03:46:33 GMT 2001

Tim Potter writes:

> > running the rpcclient from both 2.0.7 and the cvs version and have had
> > little success with them so far.  The 2.0.7 barely runs and the cvs HEAD
> > queryusergroups always complains that the filehandle is invalid.
> Hmm.  Sounds like a bug.  (-:  I think the HEAD branch rpcclient
> code is much nicer than the 2.0 stuff, although it isn't as well
> tested as I would like.

OK - it looks like the advertised username->rid mapping for the
queryusergroups function isn't working.  If you know the rid of
the user you can do:

rpcclient $> queryusergroups 500
	group rid:[0x201] attr:[0x7]
	group rid:[0x200] attr:[0x7]
	group rid:[0x3f8] attr:[0x7]

Eek - it looks like the querygroup command doesn't work quite as
it should either.  )-:


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