Help...Samba problem accessing NT servers

Simpson, Dain F SimpsonD at
Thu Mar 22 21:25:42 GMT 2001


My name is Dain Simpson with the Naval Ice Center...We are having problems
with our NT servers accessing the Unix server in which samba is
installed...The NT servers and clients receive a message to enter a network
passwd to access the samba unix filesystems. I am able to run testparm,
smbpasswd to access the domain, and to run swat on my unix samba server with
no problems...the smbd, nmbd daemons are correct and I have the entries in
the /etc/services and inetd.conf files for samba protocols and
services...but I can not access the NT servers/clients...Any help would be
greatly appreciated...Thanks...

Dain Simpson

Naval Ice Center 
301-457-5303 ext. 228

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