cohabiting Windows and OS/2 printer driver download

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Tue Mar 13 17:22:50 GMT 2001

On Mon, 12 Mar 2001 16:55:57 Jim McDonough wrote:
> OS/2 uses a DosPrintQGetInfo call, and gets its info 
> in a PRQINFO_3 struct, like windows.  The driver file itself 
> has to be in the PRINTDRV share on the server.  So, like, 
> NT/95, if the OS/2 driver has the same name (on OS/2, 
> the pszDriverName field of PRQINFO_3 is parsed as <driver file
> name>.<device name>, where <device name> can be blank), the 
> driver download should work fine.  

So it shounds like you are ok now?  Am I right?

> You just have to manually copy the files from the
> OS/2 driver into whatever directory you share as PRINTDRV.  
> Problem is, just like NT/95, the driver often has a different 
> name...  Oh well...
> Also, driver upload doesn't work from OS/2->NT, so you have 
> to just manually copy the files.  The OS/2 client does the 
> work searching in the PRINTDRV share.

Cheers, jerry
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