User Mangler for Domains works OK agains 2.2.0 CVS

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Tue Mar 13 05:28:49 GMT 2001

On Tue, 13 Mar 2001, Richard Sharpe wrote:

> Hi,
> Well, User Mangler for Domains works OK.

Nice name.  I'm guessing that was intentional :-)

> Where do I get UserMangler for Domains for NT WKS? I happened to have
> Server and Workstation on the same VM, so I could simply run the exe,
> but where would one get these from?

There is a link in the Samba PDC FAQ I think. MS has them on their FTP
site.  It s the same binary I'm pretty sure. Also check in the extracted
Service Packs.

> Also, what is the equivalent for Windows 2000 Pro?

It's the Active DIrectory Users and Computers plugin for the MMC
(Microsoft Management Console)  Don't know if there is one for Win2k Pro.
The one I mentioned is installed on an AD server.  You can of course, run
User Manler on 2000 though.

Cheers, jerry

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