smbtorture not working in loopback

Andrew M. Theurer atheurer at
Fri Mar 9 16:22:29 GMT 2001


I'm having some trouble running smbtorture in loopback mode on
linux-2.4.2 (or any v2.4).  I am trying to run the NBW95 test.  The
other tests seem to run fine.  Dbench and tbench run fine, and
smbtorture run client/server is fine.  Has anyone had a similar

I uncommented this line:

 printf("[%d] %s\n", line_count, line);

in torture.c to find out how far it gets, and it consistently stops at
line 86 SMBwriteraw request.  For fun, I took out all the raw read/write
ops from client.txt, and it got to line 85, SMBwrite request.  Then I
decided to get rid of all the read/writes.  It ran though the whole
(modified) client.txt without any problems.  I restarted samba on all
the tests.  Anyone know what might be going on in loopback and not in


Andrew Theurer

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