HOWTO add static entries to WINS?

werner maes werner.maes at
Thu Mar 8 16:13:34 GMT 2001

Dear all:

How long do the static WINS entries remain in wins.dat?
Tests that I did show that they expire after 6 days (value of parameter
"max wins ttl").
Default value = 518400 seconds = 6 days.
After this period they are gone!

Now I've started a new test to prevent them from disappearing after six days.
I've added static entries with a time of creation which is set 100 days
higher than the current date.

"SERVERNAME#00" 993456716 134.58.x.y 44R
The time = 993456716 which is yet to come!

After six days this still works!!

Another option would be to change the parameter "max wins ttl" and set it
to a higher value,
but I don't know if this is a wise thing to do.

Kind regards,

Werner Maes

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