valid user list behavior

John Trostel jtrostel at
Mon Mar 5 18:50:42 GMT 2001

It turns out, after a bit of hacking, that the 'valid users =' list has the
following behavior under the current 2.2 code:

1. If the first entry is quoted, i.e.

        valid users = "name one" two

'name one' is NOT found, but 'two' is found

2. If the last entry is quotes. i.e.

        valid users = one "name two"

then both entries are correctly found.

2. If all users are quoted, i.e.

        valid users = "name one" "two"

the both entries are NOT found

3. If the quoted user is somewhere in the middle of the list, i.e.

        valid users = one "name two" three

then all users ARE found.

I think I'm close in figuring out the behavior. It obviously doesn't li
ke quotes in the beginning of the list! Hopefully I can make all the cases
work in the next few hours ;->

(Then we'll ALL be happy)
John M. Trostel
Linux OS Engineer
jtrostel at

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