Patches for Solaris 8 compile

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Mon Mar 5 18:29:41 GMT 2001

On Mon, Mar 05, 2001 at 01:24:29PM -0500, Steven Campbell wrote:
> Hi, had problems getting samba-2.2.0-alpha2 to build under Solaris 8.
> Can I send a context diff to the list, or is there a smarter place I
> should send it?

Anything sent to samba-patches is good (in case anyone complains
that no one looks at samba-patches, let me inform you that *all*
samba-patches mail ends up also in my inbox, where I *definately*
look at it :-).

Sending a copy to this list is also good so long as the
patches aren't too large.


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		Samba Team.
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