document your parameters -- or "needed updates to smb.conf(5)"

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Fri Mar 2 17:00:29 GMT 2001


I've been working on updating documentation for the 
impending 2.2 release.  Here's where we stand:

  o all YODL documents have been converted to DocBook
    and checked into HEAD and SAMBA_2_2

  o The smb.conf(5) man page has been weighed on the scales 
    and found lacking.  I've verified all default values and
    things look ok.  However, the following parameters are
    undocumented.  I will get these.
	addprinter command = 
	code page directory = /usr/local/samba/lib/codepages
	deleteprinter command = 
	enumports command = 
	show add printer wizard = Yes

    These are undocumented and need input (preferrably from 
    the people who put them in) :-)

	dos filemode = No
	host msdfs = No
	msdfs root = No
	posix locking = Yes
	total print jobs = 0
	vfs object = 
	vfs options = 

    and the following parameters have apparently been 
    removed from the source tree.

	alternate permissions = No (removed)
	max packet = 65535 (removed)
	ole locking compatibility (removed)
	shared mem size (removed)

Also since the 'read prediction' parameter is no used, can 
we remove it from param/loadparam.c?

Cheers, jerry
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