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Thu Mar 1 20:07:18 GMT 2001

On Thu, 1 Mar 2001, Elrond wrote:

> Okay...
> I get the impression, I'm missing something from the SURS /
> map username discussion.
> So I'm going to outline, how I currently see the future,
> and aftet that ask some specific questions.
> [I'm ignoring Groups completely, mapping uid to gid and the
> like is left as an excercise to the reader.
> main thing:
> - NT Names (DOM\name) are unique

across all inter-trusted domains, _including_ the names of the domains:

> - SIDs are unique


> - (type, id), where type is either "gid" or "uid", id is
>   then either a uid or a gid, are the other "namespace".

okay. so it's type=[gu] and id=id, so in regular expression language,
(type, id) = [gu]id.

> ]
> Prerequisites:
>   We have SAM in the way, NT has it.

>   SURS is ONLY mapping between SIDS and (type, id)

... specifically, a SID could potentially simultaneously map to one and
only one uid [from one of the SURS tables] and one and only one gid [from
the other SURS table].

or it could just map to a gid.  or it could map to just a uid.

but NOT, i repeat NOT, to multiple uids or to multiple gids.
>     mapping between SIDs and NT Names is the job of
>     lsarpc/samr


>     mapping between (type, id) and unix names is the job of
>     get{pw,gr}{nam,{u,g}id}

also correct.
> Assumptions (to make thinking easier):
>   SURS is already properly filled, that is, all needed
>   entries exist and it can be practicaly thought of as
>   being read only

>   None of the playing SAMs have aliases
>   Groups are also completely ignored.

? ... okay.
> Okay, let's start:
>   Samba TNG box trusting a remote Domain.
>   I connect to the box as remotedomain\elrond, give my
>   password.
>   smbd feeds the request of to the local netlogond
>   That forwards the request to the remote PDC, receives a
>   nice NET_USER_INFO_3, with my SID in it.
>   netlogond forwards that to smbd.
>   smbd is happy and lets me in.
>   smbd is about files, so it needs to act on the
>   filesystem, for that it needs to know a uid to act as.

>   smbd asks SURS with my SID and receives a ("uid", 1001).

this means that there is an entry in SURS with S-1-5-21-xxx-yyy-zzz-NNN

where S-1-5-21-xxx-yyy-zzz is remotedomain's SID and NNN is elrond's RID
_in_ remotedomain.
>   smbd is happy, it expect a uid, because it feeded SURS
>   with a "User"-SID.

>   smbd does a setuid(1001).
>   smbd is happy.

> Now the questions, actualy only one:
>   Where does map username get its teeth in?

ah ha :)


let's say that you have this:

map username entry:

this is a perfectly valid thing to do in "map username".

hmmm... you've highlighted a possible problem.

what you _actually need to consider "map username" as is a mapping from
windows users to windows users.


map username entry:

then, whenever you get an SMB request for remotedomain\administrator, you
say, "hm, this is _actually_ remotedomain\elrond" and go from there (back
to "Okay, let's start:" above).

trying to treat the rhs of the map username equation as unix users?
yeeessss... i suppose you could do that.

you'd need to do this:

for (mapentry = get_first_map_username_entry(); mapentry = me->next; ..)
	uid = getuid(mapentry->unixname);
	SID = SURS_map_uid_to_SID(uid);
	NTname = lsa_lookup_names(SID);

	if NTname == mapentry->nt_name
		return mapentry;

hey, can anyone tell i've been doing python for a long time now? :)

so, as you can see, this is going to be _horrendously_ expensive: that's
quite a lot of network traffic and work.

if you treat "map username" as windows-to-windows instead of
windows-to-unix, you bypass this expensive stage altogether [which i know
can be optimised by creating an array of SIDs to look up with
lsa_lookup_names, yeah yeah, but it's still horrible].

so, in the post earlier today when i was talking about using "map
username" to provide the many-to-one functionality that people keep
thinking ought to be in SURS, this is what i was referring to, and is
exactly why you _don't_ need it [many-to-one mappings in SURS].


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