Anyone want to help out with an O'Reilly Article?

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Thu Mar 1 15:19:17 GMT 2001

  O'Reilly asked me if I could write something about Samba for 
their website, to come out at about the same time as the
first printing of the Samba pocket reference.

  An example of this is the article "Using VBScript and the 
FileSystemObject to Replace Batch Files",  at

  There is a small honorarium paid for this, on the order 
of $300.00 US.

  The subject I thought of immediately were:
	1) setting up a public share (I use one to keep
	   the plain-password .reg files on, where everyone
	   can get at them)
	2) migrating from many NT servers to one Samba server
	3) new features in Samba 2.2 (and a few from 2.0.7)
and I suspect there are lost more.

  They'd like to have a good quality draft by March 20th.

  Anyone interested? Anyone want to just suggest subjects?
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