smbpasswd in an LDAP directory

Ignacio Coupeau icoupeau at
Sat Jun 30 09:18:57 GMT 2001

Gerald Carter wrote:
> FYI....
> I just checked in a schema file for storing smbpasswd in LDAP
> (works with OpenLDAP 2.0) and some import/export perl scripts.
> This does not means that Samba can read information directly
> from LDAP, but for those interested in have a cron job gernated
> the smbpasswd file from LDAP, this will work.  Also means that
> LDAP can be used to replicate smbpasswd to multiple servers :)

Looks fine, and can solve a lot of problems... perhaps in the a test about pwdLastSet (old/newer than) may help
with the passwd-sync for an user that changes the passwd in several
severs sharing the same lm/ntPassword...

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