I need access to an HP-UX system for testing libsmbclient builds

Richard Sharpe sharpe at ns.aus.com
Sat Jun 30 03:47:18 GMT 2001

John E. Malmberg wrote:

> I have pulled over yesterdays CVS tarball, and will attempt to get todays
> before I go on a 1 week isolation from the Internet and E-mail.
> Is the libsmbclient stuff in that?  I could not find it in the 2.2.0
> release.

Yes, it is, but it does not yet build by default. Once I have the issues 
sorted out in the head branch, I will go for getting it into 2.2.x CVS.

> All I really need is a list of routines that are exported to the user of
> the shared library.

Hmmm ...

> Also RMS latest interpretation of the GPL may severly limit the use of
> libsmbclient shared image to other GPL products.  The only escape clause
> seems to be something about if it is considered part of the operating
> system.  I am a bit confused, and my guess is others may be to.

libsmbclient is made available under the GPL. There is no other choice. 
See below for reasons.

> It would seem to possibly also preclude non GPL open source programs along
> with commercial programs from using it.

Yes, there are problems for commercial interests who want something like 
libsmbclient, because it must be released under the GPL. This places 
them in jeopardy if their business model requires that they not releases 
their source code.

Since libsmbclient links against existing Samba code (libsmb) that is 
already GPL'd, libsmbclient must be GPL'd.

Since Microsoft have decided to attack the GPL, we can conclude that 
they think it (the GPL) can be defended in court.

While I can appreciate that there are commercial interests who would 
like access to a non-GPL'd version of libsmbclient, it will require that 
such a thing be written from scratch and not use any Samba code. While I 
can do such a thing, I do not currently have the time, unless someone 
sponsors me (ie pays). It would be nice to see a version with a 
BSD-style licence.

> Regards,
> -John
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> wb8tyw at qsl.net
> I have SAMBA 2.2.0 compiling and linking on OpenVMS, but it still needs a
> bit of work to run.  I also no longer have a home network, so must fix
> that.

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