smbpasswd in an LDAP directory

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Fri Jun 29 21:05:58 GMT 2001


I just checked in a schema file for storing smbpasswd in LDAP
(works with OpenLDAP 2.0) and some import/export perl scripts.
This does not means that Samba can read information directly
from LDAP, but for those interested in have a cron job gernated
the smbpasswd file from LDAP, this will work.  Also means that
LDAP can be used to replicate smbpasswd to multiple servers :)

The import script currently expects user accounts to previously
exist containing the "objectclass=posixAccount" attribute/value
pair.  This is not an actual requirement, but I just wanted to
get this done quickly.  Further enhancement would be to perform a
getpwnam() for verifying the existence of a user.

Cheers, jerry
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