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I hope i'm posting this to the right place/people.  If not, I apologize in

If you developers and coders could please follow this and lend me a hand i'd
*really* appreciate it.  Thanks!

Here's the problem:
(RHL7.1 - Latest Samba HEAD, known probs with machine acct checking)

wbinfo -t outputs "secret is bad" then an NT_STATUS_INTERNAL_ERROR

Here's where i've tracked the problem in the code:
in winbindd_misc.c:
The following function:
enum winbindd_result winbindd_check_machine_acct(
 struct winbindd_cli_state *state)
//lines left out to save space
 if (!_get_trust_account_password(lp_workgroup(), trust_passwd, NULL)) {
  goto done;

_get_trust_account_password fails because of this line in that function:

 if (!(pass = secrets_fetch(trust_keystr(dos_domain), &size)) ||
     size != sizeof(*pass)) return False;
(I believe it's secrets_fetch that is failing, although sizeof(*pass) may
not be matching up with size)

In secrets.c:

static TDB_CONTEXT *tdb;
//lines left out
The function
void *secrets_fetch(char *key, size_t *size)
 TDB_DATA kbuf, dbuf;
 if (!tdb) return False;

fails here.

Which leades me to tdb.h/c  where the struct resides and I have a bit of a
problem identifying what the problem is.  Why is it failing to open the
secrets database here??  Any pointers??

Thanks for any help or hints.
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