Answers to my prev. q's... Put these in the samba documentation!

Tim Carr cygnusx__1 at
Thu Jun 28 17:41:43 GMT 2001

Ok, there are a few points that need to be made clear to people with similar 
problems, and also NEED TO BE PUT INTO DOCUMENTATION somewhere :)

1. remote browse syncing won't appear in log.nmbd until debug-level 4

2. remote browse sync results do NOT show up in the browse.dat, although 
they do actually exist somewhere (!!)

3. windows machines get to each other in this fashion when dealing with 
multiple remote subnets (where usual browse propagation rules don't apply):  
the windows machine gets the machines and workgroups it can access from it's 
DMB's browse-list (browse.dat). It does NOT get IPs from the browse-list, 
only names of machines and workgroups. Then, when one is actually accessed 
from the windows machine, the windows machine connects to the WINS server, 
obtains the IP of the destination machine, and connects.  So 2 things have 
to be working... the windows clients must be in wins.dat, and in browse.dat 
(although remote ones won't show up, see point 2!)

and, my favourite:

4. Microsoft Windows clients __WILL NOT AUTHENTICATE__ to a WINS server if 
they have names that start with numbers! ie "42client" will not ever 
authenticate to a wins server, but change the computer name to "client42", 
and it will ! What a PAIN in the ass... someone at least put this one into 
the samba docs...


Tim Carr
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