Locking files (both read and write) always allowed?

Syzop syz at dds.nl
Tue Jun 26 19:56:17 GMT 2001


(Before I start, don't worry [:PP] this has nothing to do with the oplock problem I've
explained earlier...)

The (theoretical) problem is: every user can lock any file.
I tested this with QBASIC (yeah!!) with an lowprivileged user,
user has only read access to the share.
when I do something like:
(q: = networkdrive)
open "q:\apps\netscape\programs\netscape.exe" for random lock read write as #1
close #1
Nobody can start netscape anymore (!) until I hit a key.

Is this the expected behavior?
Does it break things when changed?
In short: why is this possible, for me it's pretty dangerous when any user
can lock the other XX users out of every program :P

Ofcourse I can(/will have to) change the source, but just wanted to know
if this can't be changed in future samba releases.



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