Moving files between different drives (smbd/vfs-wrap.c)

Uli Gruber uli.2001 at
Tue Jun 26 18:21:44 GMT 2001


I have a Samba-share (Suse 7.2 with samba-2.2.0-15) with symbolic links to
directories on different drives. These linked subdirectories appear as
normal subdirectories when I browse the tree in Windows 2000.

When I try to move files between two subdirectories which are located on
different drives, I get an error message. Moving between subdirectories on
one drive works fine (big files in one second, only adjusting the directory

With Suse 7.0 and samba-2.0.7-72 the behaviour was better: the same when
moving on one drive, and taking the normal time (like moving the files on
the command line of the server) when moving between different drives.

The reason seems to be that "vfswrap_rename" in smbd/vfs-wrap.c seems to be
used to move files. Is this correct?

In this subroutine, "result = rename(old, new);" is used to rename files.
"rename" works fine on the save drive, but fails when "old" and "new" are on
different drives. Is this a bug?

Does anybody have an idea how to fix this?


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