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On Mon, 25 Jun 2001, Dmitry Melekhov wrote:

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> > Because it's completely invalid to have a username in the smbpasswd file
> who
> > isn't in the password file (after any username mapping has taken place) -
> > the architechture of Samba on Unix/Posix systems won't work without a UID
> > per (mapped) user. Therefore it's an error to not have this user.
> >
> Well, samba can skip this user, isn't it? But it stops! And all users
> after wrong record in smbpasswd don't available! btw, I don't see any
> problem to show this users (without mapping to *nix system users) in
> list- uids are already in smbpasswd and hope that in this case this
> will work faster and, may be, fast enough to be used with win98? ;)

See the problem is that the smbpasswd lookup routines return a NULL for an
invalid user (not in /etc/passwd) as well as for the end of the file.
So upon error, the calling function see this as the end of the file.
I'll look into it some more, but i think we;ve alreayd been here
before :)

It needs a better way to distinguish errors.

CHeers, jerry
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