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Dmitry Melekhov dm at
Tue Jun 26 05:11:43 GMT 2001

Dmitry Melekhov wrote:

Hello! I added following. Of course, I don't undrestand what I'm doing ;))
but it works, i.e. w2k don't show users, which are not in *nix and don't
stops. Now I want to find what is wrong with win98 with more than 10 user

--- smbpass.c Tue Jun 26 10:01:51 2001
+++ Tue Jun 26 09:29:15 2001
@@ -450,3 +450,5 @@ static struct sam_passwd* build_sampw_fr
   DEBUG(0,("getsmbfile21pwent: username %s not in unix passwd database!\n",
-  return NULL;
+  ZERO_STRUCT (user);
+         pdb_init_sam (&user);
+  return &user;

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> > Because it's completely invalid to have a username in the smbpasswd file
> who
> > isn't in the password file (after any username mapping has taken place) -
> > the architechture of Samba on Unix/Posix systems won't work without a UID
> > per (mapped) user. Therefore it's an error to not have this user.
> >
> Well, samba can skip this user, isn't it?
> But it stops! And all users after wrong record in smbpasswd don't
> available!
> btw, I don't see any problem to show this users (without mapping to *nix
> system users) in list-
> uids are already in smbpasswd and hope that in this case this will
> work faster and, may be, fast enough to be used with win98? ;)

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