ACL editing from Win9x (was srvsvc 0x27 patch)

Mike Pain mtp at
Mon Jun 25 09:42:21 GMT 2001

Just for info, we actually use Win98SE here, and the server tools that M$
claim only work with 95 are fine.  I use User Manager, Server Manager and
Event Viewer, and the Security tab in explorer to do stuff on our NT4 PDC
without problems, and it is this I have been using to try Jim's fixes.

One problem I have previously mentioned that Jim wasn't able to help with
was where a user list is brought up when editing ACLs on a samba 2.2 server.
This is what I wrote a week ago...

"The only weird thing (this also occurs from an NT client) is that when I
select ADD for a new user to be given permissions, I get two options in the
"List Names From:" pull down - the NT domain and the linux server,  so I
select the linux server.  If I then select  Show Users, I only get
individual users from the smbpasswd file, not other users on the server.
BUT, if  I click on Search, I can search for any user in /etc/passwd.  This
is what I would prefer, as we do security=domain validation, so users are
only set up in /etc/passwd and not in the smbpasswd file."

The initial list is from the NT domain - it would probably be more useful to
default to the samba server as without winbind (I believe) I can't choose
users from the domain.  Also the search option doesn't find domain users,
but the initial list does include all domain users (when choosing the Show
Users option for the domain).

Thanks for yours and all the team's efforts in helping with this one.

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> Jim McDonough wrote:
> >
> > Ok, here's a patch for the file locking problem you encountered, Mike.
> > just calls close_file, which handles removing share modes instead of the
> > vfs close, which doesn't.
> Oh well done and thanks ! This was on my list of issues to
> look at today (one less, hurrah !). I was having problems
> finding a Win95 vm machine to test this on (I have 98, but
> the server tools claim they won't work on that :-).
> Jeremy.
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