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Barry Smoke barry at arhosting.com
Thu Jun 21 22:05:05 GMT 2001

I appologize for not knowing the whole situation.  I was very excited to
hear that samba-TNG was released, and being forked.
It is nice to have two code bases to pull lfrom when playing with NT
alternatives.  It is unfortunate that there are creative differences , and
hard feelings going on here.  I hope the development of both projects can
continue to bring features to both projects, each benefiting from the other.
I can see both sides, but, that is also why you have a development
branch...hoping to slowly integrate stable features.  That's why we call it

I will be watching both projects closely.  We are replacing all Novell at
our school district wtih SAMBA this summer.  SAMBA and school districts
should be a great combination.  We are constatnly trying to find ways of
saving taxpayers money.  Opensource is one tool we use.

Barry Smoke
District Network Administrator
Bryant Public Schools

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I will provide some very limited responses.  I'll not be very
active in this thread if it takes off.

Cheers, jerry

On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, Barry Smoke wrote:

> If you contributed code to the SAMBA project, then credit for that
> code should appear in the sources. If this code was submitted under
> the GPL, then it is open, and can be used in the SAMBA project.  If

It does and is.

> you wanted to remain in control of your specific code, you should have
> not submitted it under an opensource project in the first place.  You
> could have taken the SAMBA source, and applied your code changes, and
> forked the project.  Your forked project could have remained closed
> source, as long as all of the source to the opensource parts remained
> available to the public, and kany kchanges to the opensource parts of
> the code were also made public. I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm
> wrong, but this is my understanding of the GPL.

The only means of not getting "infected" from GPL course is to

  o put the code in "our of process" areas such as kernel space
    or to use a mechanism such as RPC
  o place it is a library which is considered to be part of the
    OS (thing the libc on Solaris).

btw...samba-tng is a code fork of Samba now of which Luke is a
developer as well as Sander and Elrond. :)  It is also released
under the GNU GPL.

> Actually, I looked on samba.org, and don't even see gpl
> mentioned....but it is my understanding that this is an opensource run
> project.... anyway, I digress...

Please refer to the from page


cheers, jerry
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