2.2-CVS failing on Solaris 8

Jeremy Allison jeremy at valinux.com
Thu Jun 21 17:38:18 GMT 2001

Michael Collin Nielsen wrote:
> Hi
> Have been trying to get samba-2.2-cvs to run on one of my Sol8 boxes, but
> smbd bails out with an internal error.
> I have traced my problem down to a memcpy in tdb.c:
> static int tdb_read(TDB_CONTEXT *tdb,tdb_off off,void *buf,tdb_len len,int
> cv)
> {
>         if (tdb_oob(tdb, off + len, 0) != 0) return -1;
>         if (tdb->map_ptr) memcpy(buf, off + (char *)tdb->map_ptr, len);
>                           ^^^^^^
> This is the memcpy that generates the internal error.

Can you grab a stack backtrace of this please, and post
it with the values of the variables in question.



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