Samba 2.2.0 on Solaris 8 with quotas -> it doesn't work??

Toni Verdu Carbo toni at
Thu Jun 21 12:21:15 GMT 2001


	Some days ago I posted about a problem with Samba 2.2.0 installed on
my Solaris 8 server and quotas. The clients are Windows 98. Now I've
achieved to reproduce the problem, so I'll explain it to you with detail to
see if any one can reproduce it on other systems, and maybe find a solution.

	These are the steps I'm following:

	1 - Create a new user, and give him a quota limit of 1033 blocks.
I set both hard and soft limits to 1033, but it works also with any lower
soft limit... Delete any user files so "quota -v username" gives an usage of
0 blocks.

	2 - On the client computer, create a file of EXACTLY 1 Mb (1.048.576

	3 - Connect to \\server\username share on the client computer, say
as unit X:

	4 - On the client computer, copy the 1Mb file to X:

	5 - "quota -v username" on the server gives now an usage of 1032
blocks, therefore user has only one free block...

	6 - Now we have it! Just try to copy an small file (less than 4 kb)
to the X: unit. On my tests, Windows 98 doesn't complain at all, but the
copy on X: is actually a file of 0 bytes size!!! (?) I can continue copying
as much small files as I want... Win98 NEVER complains, and I get a lot of
zero size files... You can try even with 2 or 3 Kbyte files. They also give
zero size files. Trying to copy files greather than 4Kbytes fails. Win98
complains with a "full disk" message, and no file is created.

	Well, the problem works also with other quota limits and file sizes,
but the zero size ones are always very small files copied when quota is
almost full.

	Any idea??? This is driving me mad!! I don't know if it's just me,
or a problem only with Win98. Please, try to reproduce this on your systems.
Maybe I'm doing something wrong??

	Thanks in advance!


PS: If you need more info (logs, etc...), please ask for it. But please
explain me with detail how can I obtain it, because I'm not a Solaris 8 nor
Samba guru O:)
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