Slow write performance with Win 98 and Samba (fwd)

Mike Gahagan mgahagan at
Wed Jun 20 21:08:49 GMT 2001

On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, Christopher R. Hertel wrote:

> Scott Prather wrote:
> > I have seen this problem also.  98 sends the ~64k SMBwriteraw then the
> > small SMBwrite packet when sending to NT also.  The problem seems to be
> > in the delayed ack for that small packet.  98 will time out waiting for
> > that ack (~300ms each) before sending any more data to the server.
> I have heard of this.  When I was at Connectathon the Sun folk talked
> about this problem.  I think their solution was to pre-send the ack to
> keep Windows going.  I need a better understanding of the problem.  I
> would particularly like to know what NT is doing to prevent this problem.
> Jerry Carter wrote:
> > > This looks like the problem you were working on.  Any progress?
> I have been distracted.  I have some traces and some ideas (most of which
> have come from other folks).
> Mike Gahagan wrote:
> > >  I have been researching a problem with Windows 98 and Samba. The problem
> > >  is a significant slowdown in certain types of files transfers. This
> > >  appears to be a problem specific to a Windows 98 client uploading a file
> > >  to a Samba server which is in "server" security mode.
> I have *only* seen the problem manifest itself with Windows Explorer.
> On the same system, doing an upload to the server from the command line
> does not show the problem.
> Mike Gahagan: could you verify please that the problem goes away when
> using the command line?

Yes that is correct, according to the information I have, Win 98 does not
exhibit this problem with a command line copy or when mapping the share by
IP only.

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