Slow write performance with Win 98 and Samba (fwd)

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Wed Jun 20 20:32:13 GMT 2001

"Christopher R. Hertel" wrote:
> Scott Prather wrote:

> > >  There are two reasons
> > >  this is slow. The small packet size is all that Windows 98 can send before
> > >  having to wait for a reply. The flush command causes the remote file
> > >  system to write the bytes to disk before the flush reply can be sent back.
> We work around the latter with "strict sync" and "sync always", but it's
> just a work-around.

Just to clarify what Chris is saying here, by default we *don't* force
a disk write before the reply is sent. This isn't the source
of the slowness.


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