smbd panic with ACLs

jtrostel at jtrostel at
Wed Jun 20 18:20:28 GMT 2001

Adding additional groups fails here also.  I _just_ get an invalid handle error
though.  I'll be trying the acl_get_qualifier fix to see if that handles the

P.S.  My patch to remove the XFS-specific portions of the configure script
seems to work well.  I'll be confirming to Jeremy that it works.

On 19-Jun-2001 Juergen Hasch wrote:
> Juergen Hasch schrieb:
>> The current CVS version of Samba 2.2 panics when I have additional
>> group permissions in my ACL. This happen for me only on Linux+XFS
>> and not Solaris.
> Found it, it's an bug in the XFS libacl/acl_get_qualifier() function.
> Will ask SGI to fix it.
> ...Juergen

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