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Roger Martensson Roger.Martensson at mh.se
Wed Jun 20 14:53:39 GMT 2001



In Samba 2.2.0 I've noticed that a smbd process just hangs. Another smbd 
process takes over the connection and after some time that process hangs 
too. And this is repeated severel times.

After a couple of hanged smbd processes(8 or more sometimes) the 
connection with the W2k(seen it happen once on a NT4 too) just stops 

I've only seen this happen on my HOME share. The  client in question is 
a W2k SP1, and I have no idea what this person is doing to do that so my 
Samba server.

Help! This is getting rather annoying(besides.. He's a boss so it would 
be great goodwill to get this to work =)).

Enhancement request
A friend at work asked me a question that I thought I would share with 
you. I can see that this would be a nice feature to have.  The question was:
"Does smbstatus show idle time on connections(Like finger)"


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