Real lock mecanism failure

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Wed Jun 20 14:45:40 GMT 2001

Christophe Conduché wrote:
> Hi !
> We have a very annoying problem with samba.
> After trying many configurations, we can't solve it
> (we played with smb.conf oplocks options, buufers, and so on, either
> with registry keys on the nt server)
> the context :
> files are stored on a nt server
> they need to be accessed from windows or from linux world thrue a shared
> directory mounted on a linux server with smbmount.
> all is perfect if people access files only from the windows world or
> only from the linux world.
> when cross access occurs, files are corrupted. cross sharing doesn't
> work at all
> (or we can't arrive to make it work)
> we tested it with samba 2.0.9, 2.2.0 and CVS version (yesterday
> snapshot)
> we are using a debian server with kernet 2.4.3
> is there any solution to this problem ?
> is it a real problem or a configuration problem ?
> if this is not the right place for such a question, please tell it also
> in order i don't waste your time and my time. (i asked this, because i
> didn't get any answer to my previous post !)
> best regards.

about this known (smbfs) bug and a possible patch.

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