Real lock mecanism failure

Christophe Conduché cconduche at
Wed Jun 20 14:22:58 GMT 2001

Hi !

We have a very annoying problem with samba.
After trying many configurations, we can't solve it
(we played with smb.conf oplocks options, buufers, and so on, either
with registry keys on the nt server)

the context :

files are stored on a nt server

they need to be accessed from windows or from linux world thrue a shared
directory mounted on a linux server with smbmount.

all is perfect if people access files only from the windows world or
only from the linux world.

when cross access occurs, files are corrupted. cross sharing doesn't
work at all 
(or we can't arrive to make it work)
we tested it with samba 2.0.9, 2.2.0 and CVS version (yesterday
we are using a debian server with kernet 2.4.3

is there any solution to this problem ?
is it a real problem or a configuration problem ?

if this is not the right place for such a question, please tell it also
in order i don't waste your time and my time. (i asked this, because i
didn't get any answer to my previous post !)

best regards.
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