Password checking for Machine Trust Account

Patrick Boettcher empmp at
Wed Jun 20 08:29:51 GMT 2001


I have a problem: I'm working on a school and with the full power of speech 
I was convincing the headmaster to use linux as server os, instead of 
win2k. Because all clients are win2k I need samba 2.2.0 as PDC. Its working 
well, at least I never had any problem, which wasn't solved after some 
moments. But now I have one:

In our school we have a software which made it possible to clone OSes after 
install on one pc to all other PC (even Win2k) or repair destroyed ws over 
network, so no hardware cards are need anymore. This software is called 
rembo ( Now the problem is, the software is able to change 
die hostname after cloning the image, to change the sid and also to rejoin 
the pdc. But my pdc is samba. In the rembo forum 
( one 
of the programmer told me, that rembo is not possible to join samba pdc. He 
also told me, that a solution would be to deactive the password checking 
for the machine account. Now the question, where in the source I can find 
this check, and is it easy to change (I've got some c experience) ? I also 
know that the source is holy but in my situation I do not know another way.

Thanks for all advises

Patrick Boettcher

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