Mounting a cdrom using samba problem

Scott Gifford sgifford at
Tue Jun 19 16:32:26 GMT 2001

Oren Held <mar_garina at> writes:


> I have a pretty weird problem:
> Samba mounts drives on the other computer (win98) very well.
> However, when I mount a cdrom on the other machine comes a weird problem.
> It mounts well, but then when I try to go into some directory inside the
> cd- after several 'ls' commands it tells me either 'Input/output error' or
> 'Not a directory' error, depends on what I do.


Are you mounting the share on your local filesystem with either
smbmount or smbmnt?  If so, that's its behavior when the remote server
drops the connection or otherwise screws things up.  You might want to
see if there's anything about it in your logs, or try using smbclient
instead of smbmount and see if you can get more information with it's
debug information.


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