Why does proto.h include winbind stuff?

Tim Potter tpot at valinux.com
Tue Jun 19 00:01:13 GMT 2001

jtrostel at connex.com writes:

> My compile of the CVS from Friday fails on nsswitch/wb_common.c looking for the
> include file /usr/include/sys/un.h.  When I look at my system, it is there. 
> The configure script does NOT seem to pick it up though.  If I go back and
> manually add the #define back into the config.h file, all compiles well.

If you can figure out why this is happening please let me know.
)-:  The configure script seems to print out some warnings when
running this test but they look like only warnings.  For some
reason they are treated as errors and the test for sys/un.h


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