srvsvc 0x27 patch

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Mon Jun 18 17:03:40 GMT 2001

"MCCALL,DON (HP-USA,ex1)" wrote:
> Hi Tim, Jeremy;
> Just recently I had a battle with getting samba approved to be used
> at a large customer site, because some security software they used
> to decide whether a site was secure kept barfing on the samba sites.
> Turns out it was probably because smbd was coring because of some
> sequence the security test was sending.  IMHO, smbd/nmbd should never
> abort due to actions that can be taken by a client.  Smbd should COMPLAIN
> bitterly to the client, via some smb error return, and maybe then drop
> the connection and terminate gracefully.  This is the type of behavior you
> see on a Win client/server, when IT receives an improperly formatted smb;
> you get an event log error mentioning that it got an improperly formatted
> smb, and drops the vc.
> My 2 cents worth..
> Don

Indeed - that's exactly my intent (although I like to
send an error message and not drop the connection).

Is this still reproducible on Samba 2.2.0 ? If so can
you let me know asap.



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