Dumb question re ftp/cvsweb

Mike Rylander miker at incanta.net
Mon Jun 18 14:55:15 GMT 2001

I have a web site set up to distribute the anon-cvs in tarballs.  I can't 
make any promises on how often it will be updated, but each file contains the 
entire cvs tree in a tarball.  You can find it at


The naming format for the date part is derived from `date +%m%d%y`.

On Monday 18 June 2001 10:24, you wrote:
> David Collier-Brown wrote:
> >    As I don't have cvs access from work, i wonder if there
> > is any way of using ftp or the cvs-web system to pull down
> > the entire source tree on occasion: I often want to test
> > material that's not released to beta yet...
> I think this is what the 'unpacked' area of the ftp site it about, not
> having used it myself.  (also available via HTTP).  You could also use
> rsync, but if you don't have CVS I suppose thats not an option.
> Andrew Bartlett

Mike Rylander
Senior Unix Administrator
Incanta, Inc.

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