Why does proto.h include winbind stuff?

jtrostel at connex.com jtrostel at connex.com
Mon Jun 18 14:41:56 GMT 2001

My compile of the CVS from Friday fails on nsswitch/wb_common.c looking for the
include file /usr/include/sys/un.h.  When I look at my system, it is there. 
The configure script does NOT seem to pick it up though.  If I go back and
manually add the #define back into the config.h file, all compiles well.

I am going to go through today and see where this started happening, along with
my problem of only seeing unamed directories in file listings.  I'm going to
pull down CVS images from when I know it all worked until these things fail. 
(Although I have a good idea when the un.h problem will surface, looking at the
CVS logs.)

On 18-Jun-2001 Tim Potter wrote:
> Andrew Bartlett writes
>> I was attempting to debug a compile issue with winbind (caused, I
>> assume, by some of my local changes) and I noticed that proto.h seems to
>> have included stuff from the nsswitch subdir.  
>> My question is twofold:  Why and How.  I can't see how the proto
>> makefile rule does it, and I can't see why its done, if winbind is a
>> seperate program on which samba does not depend?  I assmumed that this
>> is what winbindd_proto.h was for.
> There are a couple of winbind routines that are used by smbd,
> specifically the functions in nsswitch/wb_{client,common}.c
> The nsswitch/winbindd_glue.c file is accidentally included due to
> dodgy dependencies and the fact that there are two msrpc client
> libraries in Samba at the moment.  )-:
> Tim.

John M. Trostel
Linux OS Engineer
jtrostel at connex.com

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