Why does proto.h include winbind stuff?

Tim Potter tpot at valinux.com
Mon Jun 18 05:54:07 GMT 2001

Andrew Bartlett writes:

> I was attempting to debug a compile issue with winbind (caused, I
> assume, by some of my local changes) and I noticed that proto.h seems to
> have included stuff from the nsswitch subdir.  
> My question is twofold:  Why and How.  I can't see how the proto
> makefile rule does it, and I can't see why its done, if winbind is a
> seperate program on which samba does not depend?  I assmumed that this
> is what winbindd_proto.h was for.

There are a couple of winbind routines that are used by smbd,
specifically the functions in nsswitch/wb_{client,common}.c

The nsswitch/winbindd_glue.c file is accidentally included due to
dodgy dependencies and the fact that there are two msrpc client
libraries in Samba at the moment.  )-:


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