[PATCH] Add NTLMv2 support for Samba HEAD

Tim Potter tpot at valinux.com
Sat Jun 16 05:57:45 GMT 2001

Andrew Bartlett writes:

> Tim, I noticed you have started merging some of the smbencrypt.c stuff
> over from TNG, so I decided to look at how much was left to do NTLMv2. 
> This is the stuff I was working on when I was last in the office.

A couple of extra functions were required to get smbpasswd to
join a domain using the administrator name and password (i.e no
server manager intervention required).  The code works but I have
to clean up smbpasswd.c before commiting it.

> This patch adds NTLMv2 for reply.c server functionality only, I will add
> domain login support when I rewrite the whole thing (I'm not going to do
> it twice...).  We also need to do client support, which I have not even
> looked at.

You should be able to patch rpcclient to use NTLMv2 quite easily
(er, it's in the session setup flags yes?).


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