case sensitive hostnames?

Joe Doran joed at
Sat Jun 16 01:36:00 GMT 2001

Tim Potter wrote:

>  From the changelog:
> 1.6.09: 4/5/94
> [...]
>         - wrapped gethostbyname() with Get_Hostbyname() to prevent
>         case sensitive problems on name lookups
> So I asked Andrew why he put this code in and he couldn't
> remember.  (-:
> I think I'll trash Get_Hostbyname and replace it with
> sys_gethostbyname()
> Tim.

Netbios name comes back in uppercase?
or maybe kerberos extensions  ( However probably too far back )

Then again it checks lowercase first, so...., uppercase should be an
exception, unless above. Maybe put in a display to see what values held in

according to RFC1178 ( choosing a name for your computer ).
Don't expect case to be preserved.
         Upper and lowercase characters look the same to a great deal of
         internet software, often under the assumption that it is doing
         you a favor.  It may seem appropriate to capitalize a name the
         same way you might do it in English, but convention dictates
         that computer names appear all lowercase.  (And it saves
         holding down the shift key.)

Personally I like the last line :-))).


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