case sensitive hostnames?

Joe Doran joed at
Fri Jun 15 20:45:35 GMT 2001

Funny you should bring this up.... :-).

I have been looking at a problem of NT printing hanging in SCO
openserver. I can now confirm the culprit.
I have been looking at function static BOOL internal_resolve_name(). In
it it parses tokens of hosts,lmhosts,wins, bcast ie the default search
However our DNS lookups are broken, and gethostbyname is possibly not
fully qualified. Part of the print client handshake, appears to looking
for the clients IP address. As the dns hangs and takes around 15/20
seconds to return error, the client hangs and keeps retrying. Thereby
the function never hits WINS lookup which would resolve the name. The
result is that mounting RPC's appear to hang samba and eat up resources.
I am hoping that my Temporary solution: shift name lookup order (fix
broken DNS eventually :-) ) will reduce my resource problems ie
NSTREAMS, and inet addr problems. So far, this afternoon at least it
appears this way. I will get a better picture when I get back to the
office on Monday.

Anyone else any comment on this?


Tim Potter wrote:

> Are there any systems out there that have case sensitive hostnames?
> I'm pretty sure that internet hostnames are not case sensitive and
> there is some code in Samba that assumes this.  The problem is that
> doing multiple unecessary dns lookups compounds the effect of
> broken dns servers.
> Does anyone know if this will break some of the lesser known Samba
> ports?
> Tim.

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