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This message is from my friend Joe, and from the security committee here
at the UofM.  Might be of interest.  I don't (yet) know how in-depth they

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*** Windows 2000 Security ***
The US National Security Agency (NSA) just released seventeen guides
(several more will be added shortly) to help Department of Defense
organizations secure Windows 2000.  Many DoD organizations have adopted
the guides as standards.  Sample titles: 

      Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Architecture Guide (161KB)
      Guide to Securing Microsoft Windows 2000 DNS (738KB)
      Guide to Securing Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory (430KB)

In a major departure from historic precedent, NSA is also making the
documents available to the security community outside DoD. It is a
fantastic gift.  You may download them at


A caveat: one of the files got "clipped" in conversion to pdf, and it will
take a few days to get fixed.  Don't use them as final until the end of
the week. 

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