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Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Wed Jun 13 21:23:09 GMT 2001

> Friends:
> The "remote announce" option doesn't seem to do anything. I've checked
> that the workgroup is correct.  On windoze 98 I can get to the server
> using "find computer" but it doesn't appear in network neighborhood on
> any of the remote subnets.

Are you sure that there is a computer on the remote subnet that is a
member of the workgroup and can act as a Master Browser?  Announcing to a
remote network does no good if there is no machine there to receive the

> Thanks for any info you can give
> BTW samba seems very complicated. I reckon I can build a firewall or
> rebuild my kernel with far less trouble than I've had configuring samba.
> Why so is it so complicated?

Because it is a cleaner implementation of a very complicated and sparsely
documented system. 

SMB is ugly.  Running SMB over NetBIOS over IP is even uglier (and
Microsoft did not correctly implement the RFC1001/1002 layer).  The
browsing system is also ugly.  Then add the NT/Domain stuff...  Okay, top 
the whole thing off by sending Remote Proceedure Call (RPC) requests 
through pipes through SMB through NBT over IP (but don't publish the 
interface specs.).

That's why.

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