Samba and Win2k Profiles

Josh Hogle hogle at
Wed Jun 13 11:48:09 GMT 2001

Well, I think I've found the root of all evil...Microsoft.  Go figure!
We had been running W2K SP2 on all of our machines.  I was running
it here at home as well.  Well, apparently Microsoft "fixed" some
"bugs" with SP2 which started causing this strange problem.  As soon
as we backed out to W2K SP1, this particular problem appears to have
disappeared.  I wouldn't be surprised if MS has decided to purposely
break SAMBA so that you have to use an unreliable Windows server to
store your files on.  Anyone ever heard of the song "Everybody Wants
to Rule the World"?


At 12:36 PM 6/13/2001 +0200, you wrote:
>Dear Mr. Hogle,
>I saw your posting about "Windows 2000 Roaming Profiles ACL" and I
>experience exactly the same problem here. We're running NT 4 and W2k boxes
>and our home directories are stored on a Samba 2.2 Server, while profiles
>are still stored on a "real" NT4 server. When I tried to move the profiles
>to our Samba Server on a separate share, it worked well with NT4 clients,
>but W2k clients didn't. I also got that strange "unknown SID" thing you
>mentioned. Using the NT Server for profiles works fine with both types of
>clients, though. Could you perhaps find a solution for this annoying
>problem, meanwhile? Any help is highly appreciated and I'll inform you too,
>if I should discover a way to get Win2k profiles working, of course.
>Best regards,
>Jörg Storch
>University of Applied Science
>Heilbronn, Germany

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