Multiple subnets again &

Ray Van Dolson rayvd at
Wed Jun 13 03:05:49 GMT 2001

I asked this here before and I believe the author was going to look into
it a bit.  Not sure if he's had time, but thought I'd ask again...

My box has two IPs, but on different subnets.  When I make a call to
retrieve the contents of smb:// it does indeed return me a list of
workgroups, but only the workgroups on the first subnet (as reported in
ifconfig).  I can access a computer on the other subnet explicity
(smb://COMPUTER_NAME), however the workgroups (or computers)
listed/returned by libsmbclient are only from the first subnet.  I'm
wondering if there is any way to either a) have it broadcast and return
results from all subnets or b) some way to set the subnet you want to
broadcast on (this would be fine for me).


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