Clients on trusted domains not accessing shares correctly

DICKENS,CARY (HP-Loveland,ex2) cary_dickens2 at
Wed Jun 13 00:07:28 GMT 2001

My configuration is Samba 2.2.0 from 6/11 built from cvs source.  I have
winbind from 4/09 built from cvs source.  The server is a member of an NT
resource domain.  Any member of that domain can access the shares just as
you would expect.  If a member of a trusted domain tries to access the
shares they are challenged for a username and password.

This worked with the cvs from 5/25 and stopped working with cvs from 6/5.

Could any of the changes made between those two dates have caused this
problem?  I am looking at the differences between the two code sets, but I
don't understand what is going on well enough to track down where the
problem is.  Any clue as to which files would be the most likely culprits or
what I need to look for to isolate the issue would be great.  As it stands,
I'm spinning my wheels and not making any progress.

Cary Dickens
R&D Software Engineer

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