Can we use smbmount+winbindd to mount user's NT home directory?

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Mon Jun 11 22:38:13 GMT 2001

Urban Widmark wrote:
> On Mon, 11 Jun 2001, Whiteaker-Lewis, Dale wrote:
> >     To the point, is there any plan to provide the functionality necessary
> > to use the user's NT home share as the user's linux home directory, with
> > winbindd deriving the information from domain controller and somehow passing
> > it through to the autofs system (again, I may not be making sense here)?
> > This would be instead of, or in addition to, the existing home directory
> > template feature.
> Don't know about any plans, but couldn't you do this with an executable
> autofs map?
> autofs can be told to run a program to get the options it needs to mount
> something. With a map like that for /home it would be run for each user
> when they access and it can then return the info on what to mount (fstype,
> username, password, ...)
> For you that program/script would simply ask winbindd for this info, and
> that would need to be written.
> I don't know exactly what winbindd does, so perhaps username/password
> isn't something you can get out of it. In that case smbmount would need
> fixing to allow passing it whatever auth-info (encrypted passwords?) and
> some way to send that to the server.
> /Urban

There is a PAM module called pam_mount that is designed for exactly this
kind of thing and its even GPL.  All we need to do is to rip the profile
location out of the login info reply, and feed this and the
username/password to smbmount.  I was intending to add this to winbind
at some stage.  (I've already discussed it with Tim, and he seemed to
like it).

In any case, the only sane way I can see to do this is:
 - PAM collects user's password
 - PAM mount's home dir (or ~/profile) as a session module
 - On logout, session is closed and home-dir umounted (if not busy).

Andrew Bartlett

Andrew Bartlett
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