Can we use smbmount+winbindd to mount user's NT home directory?

Urban Widmark urban at
Mon Jun 11 18:10:06 GMT 2001

On Mon, 11 Jun 2001, Whiteaker-Lewis, Dale wrote:

>     To the point, is there any plan to provide the functionality necessary
> to use the user's NT home share as the user's linux home directory, with
> winbindd deriving the information from domain controller and somehow passing
> it through to the autofs system (again, I may not be making sense here)?
> This would be instead of, or in addition to, the existing home directory
> template feature.

Don't know about any plans, but couldn't you do this with an executable 
autofs map?

autofs can be told to run a program to get the options it needs to mount
something. With a map like that for /home it would be run for each user
when they access and it can then return the info on what to mount (fstype,
username, password, ...)

For you that program/script would simply ask winbindd for this info, and
that would need to be written.

I don't know exactly what winbindd does, so perhaps username/password
isn't something you can get out of it. In that case smbmount would need
fixing to allow passing it whatever auth-info (encrypted passwords?) and
some way to send that to the server.


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