w2k cannot joing samba pdc

Lanny Baron lnb at FreeBSDsystems.COM
Mon Jun 11 16:28:55 GMT 2001

After reading through online pages in the documentation with respect to 
getting a win2000 box to joing a Samba PDC, the error "The procedure number 
is out of range" appears or "The remote procedure call failed" appears.

I have removed the machine$ out of smbpasswd as well as tried rm'ing out 
MACHINE.SID and only leaving smbpasswd in /usr/local/samba/private. As well I 
have tried rm * in /usr/local/samba/var/locks in hope that it would recreate 
the files and allow the w2k box to join. 

Anyone have or had this problem and know how to fix it?

Thanks in advance
Lanny Baron
FreeBSD Systems, Inc. 
Freedom Technologies Corp.

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